Our labs on this page are gone but never forgotten.



Lucy was our oldest and my son’s favorite. She was very smart and an excellent hunter. She had her very first litter in June, 2005. Twelve of them! It took her to the 3rd puppy to get the hang of it, but after that - she was the best mom. She went as far as picking up toys around the house and dropping them in the whelping box for her babies. We were amazed! She loved to catch the frisbee or ball.

We lost Lucy in 2014. We miss her coming in the yard to steal the frisbee and take it down to my sons house to play with the grandkids, we miss her barking at the fireworks 4th of July, miss her chasing the fishing lures into the pond, and so many other little quirks of hers,



Pooka had grown into a very laid back lab and a wonderful mom. She didn’t start out that way, though. She tore up more stuff than most males! We were very happy that after having her first litter, she mellowed into a very sweet mama. We were hoping we’d have her around as long as Lucy was but she was taken from us too soon.


Pooka Pedigree


Molly was a darker chocolate with blockier features, very beautiful - although the above left photo makes her look like a hound. She is pictured in above left with one of her first pups. She is pictured in photo on right in summer 2005 with Snoop Doggy, after she got her shape back. Molly was very people friendly but didn’t tolerate strange dogs very well. She was very intelligent - she seemed to understand everything I said and was well-behaved. She also hogged the frisbee and most times caught it (or the ball) in mid-air.